Cognitive Coaching Programs

A Message From Our Founder

As the visionary behind 72 Smalldive, I am delighted to unveil our new coaching services, thoughtfully integrated into our fashion retail business. Allow me to share the journey that led us to this transformative decision. Throughout the years, I've had the privilege of being mentored by remarkable individuals across diverse domains. Their mentorship ignited my potential and passion, ultimately inspiring me to become an advisor to entrepreneurs and a proponent of aligning personal aspirations with a higher purpose.

At 72 Smalldive, our commitment to crafting fewer, high-quality products and advocating mindful consumption has been unwavering. Coaching is a natural extension of our philosophy, promoting a life enriched by cognitive awareness. While it may not be immediately apparent, a significant portion of our business journey has been devoted to honing our cognitive faculties, enabling us to navigate challenges, reframe obstacles, nurture our team, and engage stakeholders more effectively. These experiences have brought us profound joy and fulfillment, compelling us to share these invaluable insights with those who aspire to embark on an empowered path of discernment and cognition.

Benefits From Our Coaching Program

Our coaching programs adopt a multi-disciplinary approach, equipping individuals with the mental infrastructure necessary for self-reliance and emotional intelligence in the pursuit of profound learning and goal attainment. Through our coaching, you will gain heightened confidence in time management, personal presentation, and the strategic establishment of both professional and personal objectives.

We firmly believe that our human-centric coaching approach can also be a catalyst for organizations, fostering their employees' personal development and unleashing their fullest potential, consequently enhancing employee retention rates.

Our Methodology

At 72 Smalldive, we transcend the superficial concept of self-promotion, placing emphasis on leading a fulfilling life, deepening one's knowledge, and cultivating meaningful connections as the true benchmarks of success. We will guide you in constructing a mental framework that enhances cognitive awareness of your emotions, strengths, and values.

Our approach is multi-faceted, drawing upon a range of cognitive, strategic, and practical methodologies employed by contemporary thought leaders to help you cultivate a mindset conducive to personal growth. These methodologies encompass Design Thinking, Growth Mindset, and Mindset Change.

Moreover, I will personally impart valuable executive insights derived from my extensive global consulting experiences in diverse sectors, including retail banking, smart-card technology, healthcare, and industrial automation. Infused with knowledge of mindfulness, mental wellness, and psychology, my aim is to provide a pragmatic and humanistic perspective on personal and professional development.

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In our coaching journey, we relinquish control, allowing individuals to take charge of their life's endeavors. Our role is one of guidance and unwavering support throughout your self-empowerment odyssey. Schedule a complimentary discovery session to explore how coaching can enrich your life or the lives of individuals within your organization.

Thrive Amidst Uncertainty

Feeling stuck in life or work? Uncertain about starting fresh? We all encounter moments of stagnation and uncertainty. At Coaching At 72 Smalldive, our coaching classes help you cultivate transformative mindset changes and habits, to break free from this inertia. Explore our courses, and subscribe to our newsletter for essential insights to kickstart your journey to growth and fulfillment. Don't let uncertainty hold you back – start anew today!