Cognitive Coaching Programs

A Word From Our Founder

I have had mentors from many places throughout my 25 years of journey as a strategy consultant and entrepreneur. Rather than being preoccupied with how they may help me achieve my goals, I focused on building a relationship with them. These mentors from different fields have helped me realize my potential and passion. They also encouraged me to dedicate my time as an advisor to entrepreneurs at business hackathons. These experiences strengthen my conviction to guide more individuals to align their goals with a higher purpose.

I wasn't sure about offering coaching through a fashion retail business. Yet I have never set 72 Smalldive on a conventional path of fashion retail. Making less in better quality and advocating mindful purchases have always been the higher-order mission of our brand. And coaching is an extension of our advocacy for leading a life of cognition.

While it may not seem obvious, most of the time at 72 Smalldive was spent on improving our cognitive abilities to cope with difficulties, accept challenges, nurture teammates, and engage with stakeholders. Those were also the moments that brought us immense joy and fulfillment. I wish to share these precious lessons with individuals who aspire to embark on an empowered life of cognition and discernment. For the ones you love and for the incredible you, I invite you all to our coaching programs and be empowered to reach your transformational goals! 

Benefits From Our Coaching Program

Coaching leaves a powerful, positive impact on self-confidence, wellness, and work performance. Our multi-disciplinary approach focuses on providing individuals with a mental infrastructure to become more self-reliant and emotionally cognizant of deep learning and achieving goals. You will emerge from the sessions more confident with planning your time, presenting yourself, and having a realistic and deeper focus on setting professional and personal goals. 

Our program can also support workforce with guidance and learning reinforcements: the coaching sessions are human-centered and focus on employee's personal development. The objective is to help employee reach their optimal potential and boost retention. 

Our Methodology

Our coaching program steers away from the commoditized notion of self-promotion: leaning in for all or nothing. Fulfilment, deeper leaning, meaningful engagements are some of our defining yardsticks of successes in life. You will be guided to construct a mental infrastructure for greater cognitive awareness of your emotions, strengths and values.

Coaching programs at 72 Smalldive take a multi-disciplinary approach: we apply a set of cognitive, strategic and practical procedures used by modern thinkers. Some of the methods that will be introduced in the programs include Design Thinking, Growth Mindset, and Mindset Change. 

As a coach myself, I bring to each sessions my valuable executive professional insights gained from my global consulting experience that extended across retail banking, smart-cards technology, health care, and industrial automation sectors. Layering these experience with knowledge on mindfulness, mental wellness and psychology, I aim to bring a realistic and humanistic insight to your executive professional development.

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Our desire in coaching is to let go of control and let individuals learn and initiate projects. We create our coaching sessions to guide and support you in your journey of self-empowerment. Book a discovery session to learn more about how coaching can benefit you or individuals in your organization.