Crafting Success: From Leather Accessories to Leadership

As the founder of 72 Smalldive, I am delighted to share an exciting new venture that has piqued the curiosity of our esteemed community.

The introduction of our latest service—executive and life coaching—within our established online retail space for exquisite leather goods may seem like an unexpected pivot. I acknowledge the puzzled expressions and raised eyebrows this may have caused and would like to address this curiosity transparently and with enthusiasm.

I extend sincere gratitude for your continued support of our slow fashion ethos. Your commitment to buying less and choosing quality over quantity has allowed 72 Smalldive to flourish. Our journey, crafting premium leather accessories in Milan, Italy, guided by sustainability, durability, and timeless style principles, has been an evolution inspired by the values we collectively embrace.

Now, the expansion into executive and life coaching is a testament to our unwavering dedication to fostering a holistic, slow lifestyle that transcends the physical artifacts we create.

Rising from Struggles with Valuable Lessons

Reflecting on the genesis of our coaching venture, this pivot is not a far-fetched idea but a natural progression rooted in our brand's journey. Allow me to share glimpses of the milestones achieved at 72 Smalldive, underscoring our competencies and fortitude.

Departing from my senior director role in strategy consulting, I launched 72 Smalldive with no prior experience in mid-luxury fashion, achieving a five-fold revenue increase in the first five years. Strategically distributing our goods in European resort destinations led to retail presence in 35 stores across Italy, France, and Germany in the inaugural year.

Establishing 5 concession stores in Singapore's prime shopping district, we generated impressive sales, and pioneering pre-order services reduced surplus inventory by 25%. Confronting high staff turnover, we devised an HR training program and fostered a nurturing organizational culture which reduced our turnover to 30%.

Navigating the competitive fashion sector required acumen, grit, and emotional intelligence. Hone cognitive faculties enabled me to reframe obstacles, nurture our team, and engage stakeholders effectively. These milestones illuminate not just business acumen but a journey of continuous improvement and learning.

Coaching, as an extension of our business philosophy, promotes a life enriched by cognitive awareness, fostering businesses that generate intrinsic values. Eager to share insights with those on an empowered path of discernment and cognition, I am excited to bring this dimension to our community.

An Unique Take On Coaching: Leadership & Followership

Our coaching program transcends conventional leadership development, rooted in mindset practices and proven thought processes. We focus on cultivating self-aware, transformational leaders and nurturing teams with intelligence, independence, courage, and strong ethics—what we term "Followership."

Our Methodology

At 72 Smalldive, we emphasize leading a fulfilling life, deepening knowledge, and meaningful connections as benchmarks of success. Our multi-faceted approach draws from contemporary thought leaders and includes Design Thinking, Growth Mindset, and Mindset Change methodologies.

Infusing executive insights from my global consulting experiences, mindfulness, and psychology, I aim to provide a pragmatic and humanistic perspective on personal and professional development.

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I invite individuals and companies to explore our executive and life coaching program at 72 Smalldive. Curious about how our unique blend of mindset practices and proven thought processes can contribute to personal and professional growth? Sign up below for a free discovery session, or reach out through our contact page, to learn about the process, understand coaching principles, and explore customization to meet specific needs.

Embark on a transformative journey with 72 Smalldive—discover the possibilities and unlock your full potential. We look forward to sharing this transformative experience with you and guiding you on a journey of self-awareness, leadership excellence, and collaborative success.

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Thrive Amidst Uncertainty

Feeling stuck in life or work? Uncertain about starting fresh? We all encounter moments of stagnation and uncertainty. At Coaching At 72 Smalldive, our coaching classes help you cultivate transformative mindset changes and habits, to break free from this inertia. Explore our methodology, and subscribe to our newsletter for essential insights to kickstart your journey to growth and fulfillment. Don't let uncertainty hold you back – start anew today!