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Elevate360 - Mastering Leadership in a Dynamic World

Elevate360 - Mastering Leadership in a Dynamic World

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Course Module

Elevate360 is a transformative leadership program offering four modules to empower seasoned executives, recent graduates, and lifelong learners to equip themselves with traits and skills deemed, by the World Economic Forum, to be in top demand by 2027. This dynamic modular program offers non-sequential sign-up options so that you may tailor your learning journey to your schedule.

4 Modules

  • Fostering Growth Mindset In The Workplace
    We explore William Wordsworth's poem "The Character Of A Happy Warrior," which encapsulates the traits of effective leaders: embracing challenges, valuing learning, and cultivating adaptability. At the end of the course, you will learn how to integrate these traits into your management style.

  • Consummate Feedback Management
    This module introduces you to powerful models like the 3Ps, HEAR, and SBI, which will revolutionize your approach to providing and receiving feedback.

  • Cognitive Time Management Techniques
    Learn the skills to build a roadmap, allocate time effectively, and align your daily schedule with strategic objectives. Enhance your efficiency, productivity, and work-life balance.

  • A Critical Mindset For Problem-Solving
    In our "Creative Problem Solving 101" module, you'll learn a methodical approach to tackle problems, identify root causes, and inspire innovative thinking in your team.

Booking Instructions

You may book your first session upon purchase. You may reschedule the session if needed. All subsequent sessions may be arranged with your trainer accordingly.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Professionals in transition, moving into a more dynamic and complex organizational structure.
  • Outplaced professions, seeking new work opportunities.
  • Recent graduates, seeking to define their footing in the workplace.
  • Lifelong learners on a self-learning journey to navigate the challenges of a dynamic world.

Book Discovery Session

Schedule a discovery session with us to find out how this course may be relevant to your work.

Teaching Mode

Each session will be delivered one-on-one live via Google Meet / Zoom / Teams

Redeeming Your Gift Card

To redeem your coaching gift card for this course, book your first session and proceed to payment. Enter your gift card code at checkout.

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