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From Slow Fashion To Coaching

Crafting Leadership

Known for our commitment to crafting fewer, high-quality leather goods and advocating mindful consumption, our expansion into executive and life coaching is a testament to our same unwavering dedication to foster a holistic, slow lifestyle that transcends the accessories we create.

Our Founder's Message
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Escape Stagnation

How Do I Start?

"I have big dreams but the 'how' feels like an unsolvable puzzle. The continuously changing demands of work and life feels like juggling a dynamite and in that maze, I am unsure which turn will lead to satisfaction and success."

If this resonates with you, know that you're not alone. According to a study by Oracle and Workplace Intelligence, more than 75% of surveyed workers expressed feeling 'stuck' professionally and personally.

Be At The Wheel
  • Is Coaching For Me?

    A young graduate, working or outplaced professional or a retiree can all embark on a transformative journey to anti-fragile self. Embrace change, thrive, and redefine success at every turn.

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  • Our Holistic Coaching Process

    Our coaching program is uniquely crafted, drawing from methodologies in business and engineering. We empower you not only with the mindset but also the tools, fostering heightened self-awareness to objectively apply solutions when facing life's obstacles.

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"The coaching was detailed, beyond my expectation from an accessory label. When I learned that their staff were coached in the same approach, it made perfect sense that service at their Robinsons' stores were highly professional. Thank you!"

Weng L.

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"Thanks for your coaching session on problem-solving. Very interesting for us and our customers during our technical seminar."

Laurent D.

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People Management Dynamics

Coaching For Work Teams

In the fast-paced corporate landscape, retaining talent, fostering diversity, and adapting to remote work dynamics are the key challenges in effective people management. This triad defines the modern organizational journey, calling for a transformative training program that equip teams with feedback mastery, a growth mindset, and creative problem-solving skills.

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Developing Followership

An Empowered Leadership

Far too frequently, individuals ascend to leadership roles without the necessary guidance on effective leadership. In the midst of the ever-changing business landscape, transitioning from 'business as usual' to 'business unusual' is a common phenomenon. Leaders require training to nurture team members who act with intelligence, independence, courage, and a strong sense of ethics.

Our Elevate360 program is meticulously crafted to support this transformative leadership journey, providing the essential tools to navigate uncertainty and foster resilience.

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Elevated Resilience Through Learning

Imbibe Renew Thrive

Becoming anti-fragile and self-starting goes beyond mere mindset shifts; it's about embracing research-proven problem-solving techniques. Our goal is to empower individuals to not only achieve immediate goals but also to cultivate a lasting, independent capacity for growth. Get started with a free discovery session.

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Thrive Amidst Uncertainty

Feeling stuck in life or work? Uncertain about starting fresh? We all encounter moments of stagnation and uncertainty. At Coaching At 72 Smalldive, our coaching classes help you cultivate transformative mindset changes and habits, to break free from this inertia. Explore our courses, and subscribe to our newsletter for essential insights to kickstart your journey to growth and fulfillment. Don't let uncertainty hold you back – start anew today!