Success Stories: Transformative Training For Companies

From revolutionizing retail experiences to optimizing operational efficiency in emerging startups, these case studies unveil the importance of incorporating transformative coaching and training into company employee training programs. Explore how our interventions have propelled businesses toward excellence, fostering collaboration and agility, and driving tangible results.

Fostering Growth Mindset

Revolutionizing Retail Staff Training

Explore how 72 Smalldive, a leading slow fashion label, elevated retail with strategic coaching and training, and generated a 11% boost in sales and a 30% reduction in turnover in its concession stores.

Creative Problem Solving

Boosting Sales

Discover how a local market place platform overcame ad sales challenges through creative problem training which led to a 3% increase in ad service take-up.

Time Management Techniques

Optimizing Operations

Explore how a sustainability-focused e-media startup tackled operational challenges with targeted time management training. Learn how improved resource allocation and project timelines led to enhanced productivity.

Thrive Amidst Uncertainty

Struggling with team cohesion, communication breakdowns, or stagnating growth? Challenges in business management are real, but there are simple and practical solutions! Our modular training courses provide managers and employees a roadmap to thrive and collaborate. Book a discovery session to learn more!