Creative Problem Solving Techniques: Sales Boost

An e-commerce market place platform specializing in fashion and lifestyle products aimed to launch a new revenue stream by offering ad services to vendors. However, the sales team faced challenges in meeting ad sales targets.

Challenges Faced 
The sales team struggled to achieve ad sales targets with the new proposition, resulting in the need for a fresh approach to boost performance.

Innovative Solutions
To address the challenges, 72 Smalldive implemented a training focused on cultivating creative problem-solving skills within the sales team. The goal was to encourage out-of-the-box thinking to generate effective solutions for ad sales.

User Acquisition and Growth
The primary objective of the training was to shift the sales team's mindset from a passive "hopeism" approach to proactively finding creative solutions to boost ad sales. The training focused on equipping the sales team the ability to explore root causes, approach problems from a client's perspective, and to view the various dimensions to a sales process using creative problem-solving techniques. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
The success of the training is measured by the sales team's improved ability to address client pain points and propose creative solutions. Post training, the sales team delivered a notable increase in the ad service take-up rate among clients least likely to sign up initially.

Training Impact
Following the training on creative problem-solving, the sales team gained a new perspective on the barriers, enabling them to address client pain points effectively. The session empowered them to propose innovative solutions in their sales pitch, applying an adapted design thinking thought process.

Future Plans and Adaptability
The success of the training opens avenues for the e-commerce platform to further explore and adapt creative problem-solving strategies for other challenges or revenue streams. It demonstrates the company's adaptability in responding to problems proactively and creatively.

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