Navigating Life's Crossroads: Transformation At Every Phase

In the perpetual dance of life, where the rhythm of challenges and opportunities constantly evolves, individuals find themselves at different crossroads. For the young graduates stepping into the professional arena, the working professionals navigating the complexities of their careers, the retirees embarking on a new chapter, and the outplaced professionals seeking a fresh start, the path ahead can be both exciting and daunting.

In the pursuit of personal and professional growth, there is an often overlooked, often misunderstood, yet immensely powerful tool – executive and life coaching. Contrary to conventional perception of coaching, tt's not pep-talk session for economic wealth; it's a catalyst for transformation, a compass guiding individuals towards an anti-fragile existence, fostering self-awareness, and instilling a robust ethical compass that resonates in every aspect of life.

Coaching, in its essence, is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Imagine a process that propels you beyond the confines of your comfort zone, challenges your assumptions, and unveils the latent potential within. This is the promise of coaching, a dynamic partnership that equips individuals with the tools to not merely survive but to thrive.

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Be A Happy Corporate Warrior

Working Professionals

For working professionals, coaching serves as a sanctuary for self-reflection and strategic career planning. It's a medium to cultivate leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and a profound understanding of your professional purpose, making you indispensable assets in any professional landscape.

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Stage Your Phoenix Rising

Outplaced Professionals

Faced or facing with unexpected career shifts? Leverage on coaching for a phoenix-like rebirth. It prepares you to make sense of change, discover new avenues, and reinvent yourself professionally, emerging stronger, wiser, and more resilient.

Shift Gears
  • Our Holistic Coaching Process

    Our coaching program is uniquely crafted, drawing from methodologies in business and engineering. We empower you not only with the mindset but also the tools, fostering heightened self-awareness to objectively apply solutions when facing life's obstacles.

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  • Elevated Resilience Through Learning

    Becoming anti-fragile and self-starting goes beyond mere mindset shifts; it's also mastering research-proven problem-solving techniques. Our coaching program is uniquely crafted, to empower you with the mindset and the skills. Book a free discovery session to experience how coaching can aid your personal and professional growth.

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Gain Your Footing

Fresh Graduates

If you are a fresh graduate or soon to become one, coaching can become an effective compass to navigate the uncharted waters of your professional journey. It instills self awareness and a keen understanding of your unique strengths which nurtures resilience, adaptability, and anti-fragility.

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A Gilded Personal Brand

The Retiree's Renaissance

Retirement, often seen as the culmination of one's professional journey, can be the gateway to a new, fulfilling chapter. Coaching empowers soon-to-be retirees to explore passions, redefine purpose, and navigate the uncharted territories of leisure and contribution, creating a renaissance in your golden years of life.

Make A Game Plan
  • Embracing Anti-Fragility

    When it comes to setting and pursuing goals, it's not just about the destination but also about the journey itself. In this process, there's a powerful concept that can significantly impact your success: anti-fragility.

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  • Crafting Your Personal Strategy

    By focusing on clarity, purpose, and practicality, we can craft a strategy that aligns with our goals and values, allowing us to make informed decisions and navigate our life's journey with intention and all in just 1 sheet of paper!

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  • Mastering LinkedIn for Effective Personal Branding

    Personal branding also means taking control of your online reputation and shaping it. But think before you share! It is a simple yet career-saving rule to live by when operating on LinkedIn.

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Thrive Amidst Uncertainty

Feeling stuck in life or work? Uncertain about starting fresh? We all encounter moments of stagnation and uncertainty. At Coaching At 72 Smalldive, our coaching classes help you cultivate transformative mindset changes and habits, to break free from this inertia. Explore our courses, and subscribe to our newsletter for essential insights to kickstart your journey to growth and fulfillment. Don't let uncertainty hold you back – start anew today!