Resizing Your Leather Belt: A Complete Illustrative Guide

A large selection of 72 Smalldive belts are customizable to achieve a perfect fit. To resize your belt, we recommend trimming the belt strap instead of adding extra holes. Prior to resizing, consult our belt size guide to determine your ideal fit.


Tools Required For Resizing A 72 Smalldive Belt


The Tools You Will Need Are:

  • A Measuring tape or ruler
  • Leather hole puncher pliers
  • A pair of shears or scissors for leather
  • Pencil
  • Flat-head screwdriver (9 mm)
  • Micro-fiber fabric
  • Slim width strong adhesive tape
Additional notes:
  • For a better grip, we suggest using a short-length flat head screwdriver.
  • If resizing a weave belt, you'll need a roll of slim-width (8-9 mm) resilient adhesive tape that doesn't bulk up when wound over the belt strap.

Step 1: Observe How Belt Is Assembled

Before dismantling the belt, observe how its various parts are assembled. Take pictures with your phone, paying close attention to how belt loops 1 and 2 are attached to the buckle. This will be helpful when you need to reassemble the belt after resizing it.

Removing The Holding Rivet From A 72 Smalldive Belt

Step 2: Loosening The Holding Rivet

Place the belt, underside facing up, on fabric laid on your workbench. Using a fabric will prevent any abrasive surfaces in contact with the plated buckle. Use a flat-head screwdriver to gently loosen the holding rivet. Take care not to damage the rivet's groove. Once loosened, dismantle the rivet by turning it anti-clockwise.

Step 3: Mark The Length To Be Discared

Marking The Length Of Belt Strap To Be Removed

Mark the length to be discarded with a pencil and ruler. Avoid using a pen to prevent permanent ink stains. If cutting a weave belt, follow Step 3A; otherwise, use sharp shears or scissors for a clean cut.

Step 3a: Additional Step When Cutting a Braided Or Woven Strap

Additional Step Needed When Cutting A Braided or Woven Belt Strap

After measuring, use adhesive tape to secure the belt strap where it will be cut. Ensure not to tape too tightly or use too many layers.

Step 4: Mark New Position To Affix Holding Rivet 

Marking The New Position For The Holding Rivet On A Resized 72 Smalldive Belt Strap

Place the cut strap over the resized belt or measure to determine the new hole position. Mark the new position with a pencil or score it with a sharp object if the underside is dark.

Step 5: Punching A New Hole To Affix Holding Rivet 

Punching A New Hole To Affix Holding Rivet Of A Belt Strap

Determine the correct hole size using the removed portion. Punch through the resized belt strap, usually with a gauge number between 3-3.5. Punch from both sides if necessary.

Step 6: Re-Assemble Resized Belt Strap And Buckle

Steps To Mark New Position To Affix Holding Rivet On A Belt Strap

Place the belt loops correctly, then tighten the holding rivet with a screwdriver. Apply downward pressure while tightening. Test the resized belt length before finalizing the rivet tightening in case further shortening is needed.

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