8 Handbag Styles Through The Seasons

Sketch of Models on Runway with Different Bags Styles

With mindful shopping on the rise, we have received many requests for tips on constructing a capsule wardrobe. A common conundrum that many of our inquirers face is defining the key handbags they should keep for their capsule wardrobe.

What are the key handbag styles that one really needs? The answer to that question lies close to our lifestyles. Our work schedule and social activity determine that stuff we need around and hence the handbag that can do the job. So, before we randomly toss away our handbags, let's take a sit back and chart our daily activities. But that's not all, understanding different handbag styles and their functions will help turn our search for the suitable handbag up a notch warmer. Our next couple of articles explore 8 classical go-to handbag styles that have stayed with us over generations and seasons in the world of fashion.

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