Mastering Cognitive Time Management Techniques

Cognitive time management refers to the mental processes and strategies that we can use to manage our time effectively. By making use of our cognitive capabilities such as memory, attention, and decision-making, we align our energy and mental focus with the appropriate tasks and hence optimize the time we have set aside for these tasks.  

Being cognizant of time allows us to prioritize, plan, focus, and make decisions. by appropriately aligning our energy and emotional state with the tasks we have set out to do. We also enhance our ability to focus and limit distractions. 

While there are many time management techniques in helping us to stick to our deadlines, those techniques do not point us to the crux of the issue - that time management is not just about sticking to our tasks relentlessly. We are emotional beings, our perceptions and psyche plays a significant role in our behaviour at work and at rest. The ability to be aware of one's own cognitive and emotional states will enable us to make adjustments as needed to improve our focus and productivity and to control and regulate our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Without saying, it also reduces stress and improve overall well-being by prioritizing what is important to us. 

The key skills needed to manage time cognitively are surprisingly simple: it starts with familiar techniques used in project management and product roadmaps. Instilling these tactical habits in our daily lives will help shape our mindset toward time, an entity that enriches rather that control our lives. 

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