Goal Setting: Purpose & Relevance

How Connected Are You To Your Goals?

We've all been tempted to strive for a goal just because someone we know is onto an inspiring goal setting journey. Social media posts and til-tok videos aren't short of content that evoke goals envy. Sports cars, exotic holiday destination, culinary experiences, and the list goes on.

Whatever your goals are no one should judge them. But let's not pursue goals for the sake of persuing them. Research has shown that our connectedness to our goals (or some may call it passion) will armour us with the focus and patience to achieve them. Relevancy is that special catalyst that will keep us on the grind to accomplishing it.

Sometimes, our goals are no longer relevant to our priorities and needs at a specific phase of our lives. In those instances, we are better off allocating our energy and resources onto pursuing a goal that shares greater connectedness with our present life. 

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