Harnessing Self-Awareness: A Key to Successful Goal Setting

As we approach the end of the year, many of us are reflecting on our achievements and contemplating the goals we wish to set for the future. Goal setting is an essential part of personal growth and development, but it's not as straightforward as it may seem. According to statistics, only 19% of people who set goals manage to achieve some results within two years from the time they were set. This low success rate can be attributed to a variety of factors, but they all come down to one fundamental concept: self-awareness.

The Power of Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the compass that guides us through our goal-setting journey. It helps us recognize our strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to leverage them to our advantage. It also connects us with our intrinsic motivations, providing the resilience needed to overcome obstacles that inevitably arise on our path to success. To truly achieve our goals, we must first gain a deep understanding of ourselves.

The Relevance of Your Goals

It's important to set goals that resonate with who we are and what we genuinely desire. It's easy to fall into the trap of pursuing goals because they seem trendy or impressive on the surface. Social media and platforms like TikTok are teeming with content that can ignite "goals envy." Exotic vacations, luxurious sports cars, culinary adventures—these are all enticing, but it's crucial not to pursue goals simply for the sake of pursuing them.

Research indicates that the degree of our connection to our goals, often referred to as passion, is a critical factor that determines our success. Passion provides the focus and patience needed to persevere through the challenges we encounter. Passion keeps us grounded and committed. Hence, the relevance of your goals is the catalyst that propels you toward success. Pursue goals that align with your passions and values, not just what's popular or impressive in the eyes of others.

Hitting the Pause Button

Setting challenging and ambitious goals can be motivating, but it's equally important to evaluate the feasibility of these goals. The primary purpose of goal setting is to keep us motivated and engaged. However, setting goals that are too distant, unattainable, or out of sync with our current life circumstances can lead to disappointment and a loss of motivation.

To prevent this, it's essential to take a realistic look at the achievability of your goals. Consider your current work schedule, available resources, and the competences required to reach your objectives. Assess whether you have the support of friends, colleagues, and family members to help you along the way. To build self-awareness in this context, ask yourself the following honest questions:

  1. Do I have the time to accomplish this goal within my decided time-frame?
  2. Do I possess the necessary resources and skills needed to achieve the goal?
  3. Can I count on the support of my social circle to help me reach my goals?

Asking these questions will allow you to adjust your expectations and possibly break down larger goals into smaller, more manageable milestones based on your reality check. This not only makes your goals more achievable but also ensures that you remain motivated and engaged throughout your journey.

In conclusion, self-awareness is the foundation upon which successful goal setting is built. It helps us recognize our strengths, align our goals with our passions, and assess the feasibility of our objectives. By being honest with ourselves and asking critical questions, we can make goal setting a more fulfilling and effective process. So, as you approach the end of this year and prepare to set your goals for the next, remember that self-awareness is your greatest ally in achieving the results you desire.

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