Redesign Your Life: Learn From Everyone

I like to see everyone as a potential teacher in my personal development journey: learning from them how to be and also how not to be. By trying to perceive all people we met as mentors (whether voluntary or not) and in doing so we give ourselves access to endless sources of wisdom. 

Every person we meet has their own set of experiences and knowledge, which can offer valuable insights that we may not have considered before. By being open to learning from others, you can broaden your perspective and gain new points of views.

By observing and learning from others, we can gain insights into what works and what doesn't work in certain situations. This can help us avoid making the same mistakes as others and make better decisions in your own life. But don't confuse observing what not to be with down trodding or judging others. The latter will certainly obstruct us from keeping an open mind. 

We can learn from people we may not initially consider as mentors, when we adopt this mindset we open ourselves up to learning from anyone you come into contact with, not just those who I may initially see as mentors or professionally qualified. This can help us to access a wider range of knowledge and insights when solving life's complex problems. Not only that, it will also help us build better and deeper relationships. because when we approach others with a mindset of learning, we show that we value their experiences and perspectives. As the saying goes, a humble heart is the beginning of all learning, and I also think it is the beginning of building trust and mutual respect with our collaborators. 

Start to adopt this mindset and you may be surprised at how much you can learn from the people around you.

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