Overcoming Fear of Failure and Embracing Opportunities

Presumably we are all excited about opportunities. However the true test come when we have to make a decision on opportunities that are offered to us. Often than not in those moments, the facet of fear takes over. Fear of failure can prevent us from taking risks and seizing opportunities. When fear of failure is the primary motivator, we may become overly cautious, second-guessing ourselves, and missing out on opportunities that could lead to success. Our fear of failure often spurred us to come up with excuses that are self-sabotaging. 

One way to counter our fear of failure is to adopt a growth mindset. Believing that your abilities can be developed through hard work and dedication. That may make us more likely to embrace challenges, learn from failure, and persist in the face of obstacles. Focus on the precious gifts of lessons you can gain from the journey in taking up the opportunity and that will lighten up your perspective and even nudge you nearer to saying "Yes!" to the offered opportunity.

Be also mindful of assumptions or attitudes that are holding us back. A good way to reframe our self sabotaging affirmations is by reflecting of past incidents that may prove your assumptions and attitudes wrong. Can't find any? Have a chat with a good friend whom you can count on honest feedback. 

Of course, we do not have to embark on a journey where we are constantly chasing for opportunities. It is fair to say no to opportunities that are not align with your goals and vision of your future self. Taking time off to reflect on who we are in terms of our work, our defintions of success, our roles might give us a good inkling if the opportunity is aligned with our life plans.

Whatever choice you make when offered an opportunity, just remember, no one not even us would be able to predict the outcome. Our efforts and perspectives are what give meaning to that journey. Embracing the opportunities as affirmations that it is your skills and dedication that lead you to them will help stop sabotaging yourself ith excuses!

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