Belt Mastery: A Guide to Belt Widths

In our previous article about styling belts for formal and casual wear, we highlighted the importance of choosing belt widths that match the occasion. In this segment, we delve deeper into the various belt widths commonly available in both physical stores and our online shop, providing insights on how to pair these belts with different outfits.

Width 20 mm

72 Smalldive Saffiano Leather Belts in Widths of 20 mm / 0.78 Inches

Commonly referred to as the 'skinny belt,' the 20 mm width is ideal for wearing over a shirt-dress or to accentuate a pantsuit. This narrow width has gained popularity among fashion-forward men, especially when paired with boxy suits. We recommend using top-grain saffiano leather for 20 mm width belts, as it provides both structure and sheen, enhancing the elegance of an accessory perfectly suited for formal attire.

Width 30 mm

 72 Smalldive Top-Grain Leather Belts in Widths of 30 mm / 1.18 Inches

The 30 mm width is perfect for a more formal style. Depending on the material, leather textures, and shades, these belts are gender-neutral accessories that complement smart and formal workwear. Both supple and rigid top-grain leathers are suitable for 30 mm width belts, while split leather with artificial grains should be avoided. Natural textures and tan colors work best, and we suggest opting for understated belt buckles to allow the quality of the belt strap to discreetly complement your outfit with elegance.

Width 34 mm

 72 Smalldive Assorted Belts in Leather and Braided Leather With 34 mm / 1.34 InchesWidths

The 34 mm width belt seamlessly transitions from smart to casual styles. A full leather belt of this width is versatile, pairing well with formal suits, chinos, or jeans. For a belt that can be worn in various settings, we recommend top-grain leather for durability and water-based dye tanning for suppleness. Braided belts in 34 mm widths make perfect accessories for weekend wear, effortlessly matching with Bermuda shorts, chinos, and jeans.

Width 40 mm

 72 Smalldive Bridle Leather Belts in 40 mm / 1.57 Inches Widths

Belts with a width of 40 mm, characterized by their broad structures, are suitable for heavy-weight fabrics like denim and twill cotton. Typically made with full-grain leather, these belts can be enhanced with a substantial buckle in burnished gold or nickel-free matt silver plating to emphasize strength and ruggedness. For a youthful and fashionable statement, consider opting for a belt length that exceeds your actual fit by 40 mm.

How Many Belts Of Varying Widths Should I own?

Building a well-rounded wardrobe goes beyond having a diverse collection of clothing; it extends to accessories like belts. Incorporating belts of varying widths into your wardrobe ensures versatility in styling options for different occasions. A comprehensive belt collection might include the sleek 30 mm belts suitable for a more sophisticated look, the adaptable 34 mm belts that effortlessly transition from smart to casual settings, and the robust 40 mm belts designed for heavy-weight fabrics and a more rugged aesthetic. This assortment allows you to curate looks that align with your personal style, while also providing the flexibility to experiment with trends and express your fashion sensibilities across a spectrum of outfits. Investing in belts of different widths is an investment in sartorial flexibility and the ability to effortlessly elevate your overall style.

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