A Guide to Belt Widths


Overlay of 72 Smalldive Belts in Varying Widths
In our segment on choosing belts for formal and casual wear, we mentioned that slimmer belts are suitable for formal wear and thicker width belts are more suitable for casual outfits. In this segment, we explore in-depth the various belt widths that are commonly sold in shops and our online store and share our tips on what to wear these belts with. 

Width 20 mm

Also often called the skinny belt, this is an ideal belt width to wear over a shirt-dress or to accentuate pantsuit. Skinny belts over boxy suits is a growing trend amongst the male trendsetters. Due to its slim dimension, we feel that a suitable leather for 20 mm width belts would be top-grain saffiano leather which gives belts both structure and sheen, enhancing the elegance aspect of an accessory best suited for formal apparel.  

Width 30 mm

A perfect belt width for a more formal style. Depending on the material, leather textures, and shades, 30 mm width belts are gender-neutral accessories that complement well with smart and formal workwear. Both supple and rigid top-grain leather are suitable materials for belt straps of 30 mm width. Split leather with artificial grains are best avoided for formal or work wear; natural texture and tan work best. We also advise avoiding decorous belt buckles to allow the texture and patina of a quality belt strap complement your outfit discreetly but elegantly. 

Width 34 mm

34 mm width belts are your go-to belt that crosses from smart to casual styles. A 34 mm width full leather belt is a versatile accessory that complements nicely with formal suits and as well as chinos or jeans. If you are looking for a belt that you may wear with your workwear apparel and also for a more casual outfit, we recommend a top-grain leather for durability and tanned in the water-based dye for suppleness. (supple leather ages well with frequent usage). For a belt to be worn during the weekend, braided belts in 34 mm widths are perfect accessories to match with Bermuda-shorts, chinos, and even jeans. 

Width 40 mm

40 mm width belts, with their broad structures, are suitable for heavy-weight fabrics such as denim and twill cotton. These are also typically made with full-grain leather. Sometimes a substantial buckle in a burnished gold or in nickel-free matt silver plating accentuates the strength and ruggedness of a 40mm belt. To make a youthful fashionable statement, you may also consider a belt length that is 40 mm in excess of your actual belt fit.     

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