If You Have to Choose Just 3 Belts!

If you’re having trouble deciding which belts to add to your wardrobe, here are our suggestions for womenswear and menswear. 

The Top 3 Go-To Belts for Womenswear

Plisse Skirt with Ivory Saffiano Belt


Belts serve more as an accessory for womenswear. It is difficult to settle for just 3 belts! But if you have to we suggest picking 2 in colours that match most of your shoes or accent your wardrobe palette in widths of 20 mm and 30 mm. And invest the third in slim 20 mm width made from luxury hide such as ostrich. 










 The Top 3 Go-To Belts for Menswear

For menswear, we suggest these 3 as your basic essentials:72 Smalldive Belt Style Advice for New Job

Dress belt — for business and evening wear

  • 1-1.5-inch strap
  • Only about 0.1 inches thick
  • Black or brown leather
  • Usually shiny
  • Undecorated — maybe a little broguing or hand burnishing
  • Small, plain, polished buckle — normally frame style
  • Match leathers, match metals

72 Smalldive Belt Style Advice for Casual Wear


Casual belt — for jeans/khakis

  • 1.5-inch strap or wider
  • Can be thicker than a dress belt
  • Tan or natural leather
  • Matte, rugged and can be braided, textured, or decorated
  • Can have a larger and/or more decorative buckle — plate, box, or frame
  • Doesn’t have to match leathers exactly (e.g. brown with tan, tan with white)
72 Smalldive Style Advice For Resort Wear
Webbed fabric belt — for summer casual
  • 1.5-inch strap or wider
  • Choose a strap colour that goes with your wardrobe
  • The strap can be patterned
  • Usually has a double D-ring buckle
  • Wear with chinos or shorts
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