Hidden Gems Of Milan's Hinterland

Milan, a small city amongst the other art-cities of Italy, may surprise you with its hidden gems in the hinterlands. Sure, its urban center feels compact and walkable. But this is a city with a rich history as a trade hub, and its landlocked location hasn't stopped it from being incredibly well-connected. Thanks to a network of canals and thoughtful urban planning, Milan offers a surprising wealth of options for short day bike trips, each revealing a different facet of the region's history and charm.

Pedaling Through History: Milan to Pavia

For cyclists seeking a more ambitious adventure, the route along the Navigli canal to Pavia is a fantastic journey. This historic waterway, once a vital trade route, now offers a scenic path lined with lush greenery and glimpses of charming towns. The crown jewel of this trip is undoubtedly the Certosa di Pavia, a breathtaking Carthusian monastery known for its stunning architecture and artistic treasures. Consider packing a picnic lunch to enjoy on the grounds before making your return trip to Milan.

A Shorter Escape to Chiaravalle

If a shorter ride is more your pace, Chiaravalle Abbey is a delightful option. This Cistercian monastery, a mere stone's throw from Milan by bike, offers a glimpse into a historic cheesemaking tradition and an restored ancient flour mill. Here, the monks perfected the art of Grana Padano, a hard cheese with a texture and flavor that rivals the famed Parmigiano Reggiano. 

Following Leonardo's Legacy: The Martesana Canal

Venturing north, you'll discover the Martesana canal, another testament to Milan's historic connection to its surroundings. This waterway, engineered and developed by none other than Leonardo da Vinci during the Renaissance, once served as a vital transport route. Today, its towpath offers a peaceful cycling path, perfect for exploring the region's countryside and immersing yourself in a bit of Renaissance history.

Exploring Milan's Hidden Gems

But Milan city itself is far from devoid of cycling possibilities. The city boasts a network of bike-friendly paths, perfect for exploring its diverse neighborhoods. Take a ride through Via Archimedes, Cinque Vie, or Lambrate – each district offers a unique urban character, revealing hidden corners and a fascinating glimpse into Milan's transformation during the industrialization period.

Connecting the Dots: Unveiling Milan's Rich Tapestry

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