Can Pre-Order Be A Viable Online Shopping Experience?

One of the oversight in conventional store merchandise selection is focusing objectives on trend and product range as opposed to knowing the customers. As a small slow fashion label, our aim is to get closer to our customers and eliminate overproduction. We’re not just banking on the fact that people are going to love everything that we make all the time and that all products will be in high demand throughout the year. Products in sizes that are least demanded by our core customers may not always be available either. 

For these reasons we release our products in limited runs periodically and when stocks run out, we encourage our customers to pre-order. Your pre-order will be delivered between 6-8 weeks during non-peak production months (July, August, November). 

While pre-order may allow for better planning and production investments can be more accurate, our experience have shown it also allows us to engage with our customers individually. To make pre-ordering a gratifying process for all our customers, we are dropping our prices by 10% when you make a pre-order purchase. 

When an item is out of stock, look for the pre-order option. Proceed with your purchase as you normally would with that option. On the product description segment, you will also find the estimated delivery time for your pre-order product. We may not process your pre-order if the product is available in stock. For products without pre-order options, your may reach out to our store concierge for assistance.  

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