Circulate Your 72 Smalldive Accessories With Cloop!

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Have you a 72 Smalldive item which no longer serves your aspired style? Why not consider circulating these items for as long as possible with Cloop? 

Cloop, a closed-loop fashion agency, has been on a mission to close the fashion loop in Singapore and aspires to become Singapore's go-to resource hub for circular fashion where fashion lovers can donate, swap, buy second-hand, learn to repair, repurpose, upcycle before recycling responsibly.

As a slow fashion label, we have always contemplated how we could offer our customers solutions to recycle their purchased products responsibly. We could not be more happy to discover that Cloop's purpose are very much aligned to our ethos. 

Incidentally the co-founder of Cloop, Jasmine Tuan, was also the founder of Blackmarket, the very first store that stocked 72 Smalldive products in Singapore! This coincidence only makes this circular loop connection serendipitously sweet!

Presently, you can circulate your fashion items responsibly and purposefully with Cloop through Fashion Swap and Open Wardrobe

Fashion Swap

FASHION SWAP is one of Cloop's intiatives that offer consumers the option to circulate their apparel and accessories within the community. You may bring 5 to 10 good, clean, wearable apparels and accessories, to swap for up to 10 items with a participation fee of $35. You may also participate for less when you swap with a friend. You will need to register and prepay the participation fee to join the event. Discover more about Swap through Cloop's website.

Open Wardrobe

OPEN WARDROBE is a communal walk-in wardrobe based on a trust system. As a shopper you may pick any displayed items for as little as SGD$10. Shoppers are encouraged to bring their own shopping bags and help put back items in a tidy order after trying. Purchases may be paid with PayNow or Google Pay. You may also donate your items to Open Wardrobe by leaving good conditioned apparel and accessories at their drop bins. Open Wardrobe is located at Sprout Hub, 102 Henderson Rd, Singapore. 

Good Vibes All Around

Besides reducing your consumer carbon footprint, you can also give back with Cloop. Part of the sales proceeds from Cloop's events goes to support various NGOs such as WorldVision - World of First - Child Sponsorship program and other relevant charity organizations. Cloop has raised over $2400 through its Swap events since October 2020. 

Interested participants are encouraged to visit Cloop's website or social media platform FB/IG ( on applicable rules and instructions to ensure a positive experience for all, when fashion swapping or donating apparels and accessories. 

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