Let's Help Traditional Entrepreneurship To Thrive!

Floral Shop With Caption Help Traditional Entrepreneurs Thrive

Not so long ago, small businesses were in every town. In fact, our first orders were placed by over 50 independent boutiques in Italy & France. Now, big-box stores, hyper-marketplaces, and policies favoring Silicon-Valley-styled ventures leave little space for local traditional entrepreneurship to thrive. 

Traditional entrepreneurs don't necessarily want to take over the world, just to carve out their future; many are mothers needing more time for families, migrants making ends meet, or even neighbors tuning out from corporate mottos.

A world without traditional entrepreneurs is like a world without blooms, an community lacking sorely in diversity and work options.

This summer we want our customers, who have supported us, to help traditional entrepreneurship thrive! Patronize a traditional business and post your story about the product or the business on Facebook and Instagram by tagging  @72smalldive. In return, we will send you a US$25 gift card and give the business a shoutout!   

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