8 Bags Styles Through The Seasons: The Crossbody Handbag

 Sketch of Woman With Crossbody Handbag

Crossbody bags reign supreme because of their hands-free appeal. Throw one across your body and forget about struggling to carry both your grocer bags and phone at the same time.

Crossbody bags are also perfect workwear accessories that transcend easily into your evening social gatherings and even the weekend. Whether you cycle or take the train in your daily commute, it is truly a fuss-free carry. For the same reason, it is also a favourite among travellers. 

If you are looking for a bag for work and one that you can use for a longer period of time, the crossbody may not be ideal handbag over the shoulder handbag. A crossbody bag appears a lot more casual in style and tends to be less suitable for highly formal work meetings. 

If you work in the creative industry and holds an active weekend schedule, this is a perfect bag accessory to own. A soft leather bucket with a bright pop of colour offers space solution is the perfect candidate. 

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