8 Bags Styles Through The Seasons: The Shopper Tote

Sketch of Woman WithShopper Tote

Many oversized tote bags can be folded or snuggled under your arm. They accessorize well when paired with everyday pieces like loose fitting trousers or a silky midi skirt. Perfect for all your flea market browsing and grocery store running.

Due to its highly functional and gender-neutral appeal, many designers have transformed the shopper tote into a structured carry-all that also served as a briefcase handbag. With the rise of slim and compact laptops, shopper totes are gaining wide appeal among consumers who want handbags that reflect their taste and style. 

Large totes in varying designs, structures, and functions are increasingly being spotted on the runways of high-fashion labels and also chosen as the more elegant alternatives to briefcases. Due to its notable size, we always recommend buying one in genuine top-grain leather with the leather milled and skived to ensure it is lightweight. A structured tote, such as 72 Smalldive pebbled-grain briefcase tote, also makes a great cabin carry-all for your air travels. 

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