8 Bags Styles Through The Seasons: The Micro Mini

 Sketch of Woman With Micro-Mini Bag

Since 2019, micro-minis have appeared on many street-style photos during fashion week. micro-minis were created as an apparel fashion accessory rather than as a functional carrier. Due to its small size, they tend to come in bright colours with unique designs. 

The micro-minis of today are mostly useful for an evening out or an after-work event when lipgloss, your I.D., and phone are the only things needed. micro-minis are usually small versions of top-handle and crossbody bags. Many fashion houses have also creatively converted belt-bags into trendy micro-mini options, such as 72 Smalldive belt bags in trendy coral or in classic burgundy.

Do you need a micro-mini? Well, if you do not a bag for evening events and you are looking for a piece that you can use during the day, owning the micro-minis is a great opportunity to spark up your wardrobe. If it will be the only micro-minis you will own, pick one with an intricate facade, in a bold colour, but pass the sparkly ones if you intend to use yours for travelling. To stretch your shopping budget, we suggest considering a top-handle micro-mini in a classic structure that will last you through different seasons. 

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