Cognitive Time Management: Building Relationships

Managing Time For Relationships

In a strong-link world, too much emphasis is placed on being productive and achievements. An adverse impact of this is our neglect to set time in building relationships. Our friends and loved ones are actually important stakeholders in our personal growth journey. Stronger relationships and deeper connections open us up to lessons, opportunities, and gifts that strengthens our characters.

So how can we use the three persepctives of time: objective, subjective, and psychological, to guide us in setting time in deepening connections with our friends and loved ones?

Time management in relationships will involve setting aside specific times each day or week to communicate with loved ones, making sure to keep appointments and meetings, and being punctual. Setting aside time for others build trust and dependability. It also shows that you value the other person's time.

Remember that every individual has a different subjective perception of time and its value? Well some may feel catching up weekly or monthly may be overwhelming, while others dread having to wait for a month before the next call. So don't feel discouraged if your efforts to meet up or connect are not being reciprocated. Instead, take the intiative to ask. Communicating is the best way to understand the varying perceptions and expectations of people you want to build connections with, and that includes how they view and prioritize time!

It is important to be aware of our own emotional and mental state when interacting with others. A cognizant mind will also enable us to be more sensitive and aware of the emotional state of others. Afterall, that's how connections are deepened and time set aside for other can be enjoyable! 

By understanding and applying these different perspectives, we can better manage our relationships and build stronger, more satisfying connections with others.

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