Decluttering for Effective Time Management

Dysfunctional clutter is often a tell-tale that we are not coping well with managing our time. Dysfunctional clutter is a term used to describe excessive and disorganized clutter that interferes with daily life and activities. It can cause stress, anxiety, and even depression, and can prevent individuals from being able to use their living spaces in the way they intended.

While dysfunctional clutter is rare in most instances, we should keep a look out when our space is cluttered, and it becomes difficult to focus or find what we need, thereby leading to wasted time searching for items, or leading to feelings of being overwhelmed, unable to start a task. 

If you notice that the clutter in your workplace or home office is starting to affect your ability to focus and execute tasks, it may be time to consider creating a more organized and functional environment. Decluttering one's space can certainly have a positive impact on time management as it can make it easier to focus on the task at hand.

It also have a psychological benefit by reducing feelings of stress and anxiety, often caused by a cluttered and disorganized environment. An organized physical space helps the mind to feel calm and focused, which leads to better productivity.

All in all, while it may seem totally irrelevant, decluttering is in fact a valuable process for improving time management. Coaching At 72 Smalldive offers a course on decluttering. Embarking on a decluttering mission with a purpose or plan will set us up for a more organized space. The knowledge-sharing session is designed to guide first-timers with easy-to-accomplish techniques in decluttering and organizing their chosen living space. 

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