Creative Alternatives To Outplacement Services

Not all companies have the budget to offer full-fledged outplacement services to their employees. But there are still several creative alternatives they can consider to support employees during career transitions. Here are some ideas:

Career transition workshops

Host workshops or training sessions focused on career transition skills and strategies. Invite industry experts, career coaches, or HR professionals to provide insights on resume writing, job search techniques, interview skills, and networking. These workshops can equip employees with valuable knowledge and tools to navigate their career transitions effectively.

Internal mentorship programs

Mentorship program is a great way to build intra-network rapport between employees and companies should consider including it as part of its outplacement support. Establish an internal mentorship program where experienced employees can voluntarily mentor and support those going through career transitions. Mentors can provide guidance, share their own experiences, offer networking opportunities, and help mentees explore new career paths within or outside the organization.

Employee resource groups

LinkedIn is a great platform to create employee resource groups or communities focused on career transition and job search support. These groups can serve as forums for employees to share resources, advice, and job leads. Encourage active participation, knowledge sharing, and networking among group members to create a supportive and collaborative environment.

Skills development initiatives

Offer opportunities for skills development and upskilling to enhance employees' marketability during career transitions. Provide access to online courses, webinars, or workshops that align with their desired career paths. This investment in their professional development can empower employees to pursue new opportunities and acquire in-demand skills.

Alumni networks

Establish an alumni network for former employees to stay connected with the organization and with each other. This network can serve as a platform for knowledge sharing, job referrals, and networking opportunities. Companies can maintain communication with alumni through newsletters, events, or online platforms to foster ongoing support.

Partner with external organizations

Collaborate with external organizations that specialize in career transition support. Explore partnerships with local career centers, career coaching firms, or industry associations that may provide resources, workshops, or discounted services to employees in need of career assistance. At Coaching At 72 Smalldive we offer negotiable cohort pricing for one-to-one personal development training, where multiple employees going through career transitions can participate together, making it more cost-effective compared to individual pricing. This approach allows employees to receive tailored guidance and support while minimizing the financial burden for both the employees and the organization. By incorporating cohort pricing for personal development training, companies can provide individualized support at a more affordable cost, making it a viable option for organizations that may not be able to provide full-scale outplacement services.

Online resources and tools

Curate a list of online resources, articles, videos, and tools that employees can access independently. Provide guidance on reputable job search websites, career assessment tools, and resume templates. Ensure employees have access to relevant information to support their career transition efforts.

Managerial support and career conversations

Encourage managers to engage in open and supportive career conversations with employees undergoing transitions. Managers can provide guidance, offer feedback, and explore potential career paths within the organization or provide referrals and recommendations to external opportunities.

Delivering these alternatives definitely requires more time and effort and may not replace a comprehensive suite of support services offered by professional outplacement agencies but these are activities that can be incorporated into a company's regular training program. The flexibility and interactive aspect of these alternatives may in fact boost employee's morale and nurture meaningful professional collaboration in a company!

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