Cultivating a Healthy Time Perception for Effective Management

Good Time Management Starts With Our Perception!

Time management is an important aspect of one's life. To manage time effectively, it is necessary for us to cultivate a healthy perception of time. 

From a philosophical perspective, time is often viewed as a fundamental aspect of reality and can be considered from different perspectives, mainly the objective, subjective and psychological perspectives.

Most of us are familiar with the objective perspective of time, which views time as a measurable, physical quantity. Deadlines, weekends, and meals are typical activities that are structured from that perpective. 

The subjective perspective is an interesting aspect: we all view time subjectively; some may perceive time as fleeting and scarce while for others time is an eternal endless entity. Our sense of urgency or our tendency to procrastinate are influenced by our subjective perception of time. 

Then there is the psychological perspective where time is viewed as a mental construct; if we allocate the same hour each for two activities - one that evoke joy and excitement and the other put us in a negative mood, the former will make time seem to pass quickly while the latter will seem like it has been dragging on for long time. 

As we can see, a holistic and healthy way to manage our time is to nurture an awareness of our perception of time. Recognizing our perceptions will affect our behaviour and decisions that enable us to use our time not only productively but also intentionally and purposefully!

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