Navigating a Layoff: Reconfiguring Mindset for Career Success

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing economy, layoffs are becoming increasingly common. Being outplaced can be devastating and leaves an individual feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about their future.

If you happen to be one of the people caught up in the cuts, it's important to remember that being laid off is not a reflection of your worth or abilities.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, the last thing you want to do is to send your resume to dozens of companies. Losing a job is among the most psychologically stressful things one may go through. Taking time to recover from the shock and reconfigure your mindset will help you start on the right foot in your job search.

Changes in a company's business strategies or unforeseen economic turbulences may lead to the laying off of employees, even the best-performing ones. Recognizing this will help you stay out of negative head space and keep your focus on your next career move.

Yes, it is natural to feel anxious about our financial situation. To keep this out of your mindspace during your job hunt, do whatever is necessary to reduce your expenses: start a saving plan or negotiate for a creditor's break.

As soon as you can, steer your focus back on yourself again. Losing a job can also be a time to reset and consider a career pivot. Use this opportunity to reflect and write your competencies and accomplishments. Doing this will help to boost your morale and prepare you for interviews. Don't forget to ask yourself what you truly want and how that aligns with your goals in your next journey.

Lastly, job seekers often do not create a job search schedule for their job hunt. Remember, finding work requires skills; going about it randomly and in a disorganized manner will leave us flustered and confused!

Our identities are often shaped by our work. Losing it suddenly, along with the meaning, purpose, or structure it offered, can feel like losing a part of one's self. It is alright to cut yourself some slack and grieve your loss. You don't have to go through this alone, do not hesitate to share your plans with friends and family. And if you have access to a placement coach from your ex-employer, make good use of the assigned sessions!

This February, I'll be sharing a few practical time management tips that can be useful in helping us stay focused and on top of our job search. If you have been recently laid off and need help reconfiguring your mindset for your job hunt, don't hesitate to schedule a free thirty minutes discovery session with us

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