Wardrobe Folded Clothes and Belts

When and Why Do We Wear A Belt?

 Wardrobe Folded Clothes and Belts

All trousers and pants with belt loops call for a belt unless you are wearing your top untucked. Wearing a pair of trousers with belt loops without a belt presents a rather unkempt look. Therefore whether your office calls for smart casual or formal workwear dress code, the rule of thumb is - if there are loops on your trousers, there must be a belt!

While belts exist squarely at the intersection of function and style in men's dressing. They tend to be optional for women's wear, although a belt can inject a dose of personality and visual style to simple outfits like a dress shirt, jeans, capri pants and even T-shirts.

Cinch To Minimize Bulk Around Your Waist

At 72 Smalldive concession stores, we have many walk-in customers who think that belts are only used to keep their pants up. That justification is half-right. Choosing a belt just to hold up one’s trousers or pants may unintentionally lead to a sheer style disaster: think Christmas cracker with a ribbon. Your trousers or pants ought to fit and if they don’t, not even the most fitting belt will help.

Belts help you cinch your trousers, pants, dress to a tidier fit on your waist thus minimizing visual bulk around your waist. Having a belt around the waist helps break the line of the body, enhancing the overall stature of one’s physique. Belts are also wardrobe enhancers too; many casual belts accent the overall outfit with texture and colors, thus giving new life to old clothes! 

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