APPOINTMENTS - A New Way To Connect

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APPOINTMENTS is 72 Smalldive's scheduling service that allows merchandisers, store owners, and private clients to reach out with questions and requests related to their orders. Through APPOINTMENTS we hope to offer a more consultative approach in assisting you with choices that are a better fit for your store or wardrobe and thus lesser wastage and throwaways. Here are ways in which APPOINTMENTS may be useful to you, as a store buyer or as an individual client.  

For Wholesale Orders

Through APPOINTMENTS, you can schedule a buying appointment with us. Our sales team will be available to answer vis-a-vis any merchandising questions related to our products, styles, and materials. We encourage new clients to share information about their store businesses through a short questionnaire prior to their scheduled meetings. This will allow our sales consultants to provide ideas to serve your vision and make your first order less of a guessing game!

For Corporate Orders

APPOINTMENTS is also available to company purchasers intending to place an order of corporate gifts. Schedule an appointment with our sales consultants who will provide you with gift and packaging suggestions that may help boost your corporate brand image. Let our fine Italian crafted leather products with a social message enhance your corporate brand leadership!  

For Private Clients

Close to 30% of our customers' handbags purchases are through custom orders. If you are interested to customize one of our handbag styles or you have a handbag design to develop, you can schedule a live meeting through APPOINTMENTS and let o
ur online store concierge guide you with tips and suggestions in picking a bag that may complement well with your wardrobe. You may also invite up to 3 friends for the meeting and enjoy a group discount with a group purchase! 

For Stores & Drop Shippers

If you are a store owner and you would like your customers to have access to our Bespoke Service, you may also use APPOINTMENTS to schedule a live meeting, together with your clients, with our store concierge to assist your clients' customization request.  Each live session can host up to 4 participants (3 customers + 1 Store Owner)

For Product & Sales Training 

If you are a stockist of our products, arrange a training or brainstorming session through APPOINTMENTS for your store sales staff to keep up to date on our brand story, products features, and value-creating services/campaigns to help boost sales efficiency at your store!