Drop Shipping With 72 Smalldive

Drop shipping has gained a pretty bad reputation over the years. Even a simple internet search will bring up several reasons why you should be wary of using the model. However drop shipping has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are a store owner with an online channel, it can be a lucrative model to expand product depth and breadth with a limited buying budget. 
Through our experience with drop shippers, our successful ventures with drop shippers are often a result of regular communication of product updates, add-on services, and marketing campaigns catered to drop shippers' customers.  However not all platforms allow such communication to take place. For this reason we have adopted SYNCIO a platform which allows drop shippers full access to our products and real time update of product inventory.
Unlike other drop ship platforms, Syncio enable our label to offer all product access and without incurring excessive commission charges. For this reason we are also able to support our drop shippers with tiered incentives rebates based on their sales results. To discover how we can support your drop shipping business, we invite you to tell us more about your shop and your vision through our inquiry page!

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