To Slow Retail Drop-Shippers: Unite with Us!


Let's Get Together!

We started listing our products for dropshipping two years ago. In the span of the 2 years, the list of drop-shippers has grown significantly; some of whom we have communicated more frequently but still many of whom we have not met. We believe it is high time we get to know our drop-shippers a bit more; to form a virtual community, to create opportunities to engage, to brainstorm and to support each other in our journey as an online business owner. 

Our Observations

2 years may seem short but the observation is consistent: drop-shippers who reached out to us to learn about our brand and products also experience more success in selling our products to the "right" customers, hence incurring fewer returns. But many of our drop-shippers are busy like us, some even juggling 2 jobs in a day, and for these observations, we realized we need to set up a "resource centre" to support our drop-shipping partners in their sales and marketing efforts. 

So What's Next?

The "down-time" during COVID19 lockdown has given us a lot more clarity and courage to review how we can operate in a more efficient and coherent way. With the rise in cancellation of air travels, we are expecting to spend an increasing amount of our time liaising with store buyers through video conferencing. As we hunker down to set up this communication channel for our sales activities, we asked why not have the channel accessible to our drop-shippers as well?

Through this channel, we plan to line up a series of webinars that we think may help our partners: product knowledge sharing, customer feedbacks, constructing product propositions, and tips on retail management. We also plan to run vis-a-vis brainstorming and experience sharing sessions as well! 

In addition, drop-shipping partners will receive a quarterly update on the sales campaigns, we plan to run at our store, that you may adopt for your store promotions as well.

 We Need You! 

Before we roll this out, we need an audience. For this reason, we are inviting you to join our drop-shippers mailing list and also take that opportunity to share with us about your business, your aspirations, and information or training that you think will help you run your business more effectively. It only takes less than 5 minutes to fill-up the form! Let's get our community going and unleash our power of uniting together! 

Fill up the form today! 

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