Case Study: Fostering Growth Mindset For Enhanced Staff Performance

72 Smalldive, established in 2010, has been a pioneer in the Singapore slow fashion scene. Specializing in handmade leather accessories crafted by artisans in Milan with materials sourced from Italy, the brand ran five concession stores from 2015 to 2020, establishing itself as a leading player in the Singapore menswear sector.

Training Needs
Despite competitive remuneration and perks, the brand faced challenges, including low motivation and initiative among floor staff, resulting in repeated mistakes and errors, missed cross-selling opportunities, and a high turnover rate. Store managers struggled to balance responsibilities across multiple locations, further impacting morale and performance.

Training Objectives
The training aimed to instill better ownership, entrepreneurial aptitude, and independence among floor staff. Specific goals included fostering a strong sense of pride, improving attentiveness to work, and reducing turnover rates.

Training Program Details
The coaching-training company designed a comprehensive two-month program, focusing on store manager training for effective recruitment processes and personal development training, starting with fostering a growth mindset. The program included one-on-one sessions and workshops conducted at the store locations.

Participant Feedback
The response was mixed, but those who scored well in the designed interview process demonstrated higher engagement. Some participants even shared their experiences with friends, contributing to the recruitment of candidates aligned with the training ethos.

Measuring Success
The impact of the training was measured through key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Sales performance improved by 11% (a control group was set up for comparison).
  • Staff turnover reduced by 30%.
  • Improved creative and task ownership among trained staff.

Implementation and Integration
One-on-one training was strategically conducted during low-peak times, ensuring staff could participate without additional burden. This approach facilitated seamless integration into daily operations.

Post-Training Results
Post-training, staff showed greater ownership, reducing the workload for store managers. Trained staff actively participated in the recruitment process for part-timers, ensuring store continuity during vacations. Additionally, they took on a mentoring role, training part-time staff.

Recommendations and Future Steps
The success of the case study prompted 72 Smalldive to venture into executive coaching services. It highlighted the importance of combining operational and technical training with personal development, aligning individual values with company goals, and fostering a strong sense of ownership among employees.

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