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The Business Of Fashion: Milan

The Business Of Fashion: Milan

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Milan Fashion Week, which started in 1958, continues to wield a strong influence on our global fashion buying trend.  In this industry case study, we discover the sustaining factors that turned the post-war industrial city into a prestigious fashion venue. This case study provides an insightful analysis of the complexity and challenges of the fashion business.

In this 1-hour live session, you will discover

  • The cultural and historical impact on Milan's fashion industry  
  • A highlight of renowned fashion houses in Milan 
  • The strategic factors that spurred the success of Milan Fashion Week
  • Future Challenges and opportunities 

Who may benefit from these live sessions?

  • Students in fashion design, retail, hospitality, and/or business studies
  • Fashion and lifestyle brand owners
  • Entrepreneurs and consultants 
  • Fashion Aficionados 

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Customer Reviews

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Just Perfect!

He was incredibly knowledgeable, we covered a lot of ground, and he managed to quickly help me get an understanding of the history, culture and fashion industry in Milan.

Fun! Highly Recommended

He is so knowledgeable that we now understand how Milan came to be a fashion capital.