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Cognitive Time Management Techniques

Cognitive Time Management Techniques

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Good time management reduces physical and mental fatigue and also lightens the burden of decision-making. Through our coaching sessions, participants will learn a combination of 3 time management techniques, adapted from leading productivity thinkers and product-design processes, to construct an orderly schedule without stifling creativity and landing goals on a period-to-period basis.

4 Modules

The duration of each module is 60 minutes. 

  • Constructing An Annual Road Map
  • Time-Blocking By Competences
  • Journaling & Thoughts Parking
  • Presentation Of A Time Schedule

Best For

  • Improving work quality
  • Enhancing focus
  • Achieving set goals

Booking Instructions

You may book your first session upon purchase. You may reschedule the session if needed. All subsequent sessions may be arranged with your trainer accordingly.

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Schedule a discovery session with us to find out how this course may be relevant to your work.

Teaching Mode

Each session will be delivered one-on-one live via Google Meet / Zoom / Teams

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To redeem your coaching gift card for this course, book your first session and proceed to payment. Enter your gift card code at checkout.

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Discover how our multi-disciplinary approach can provide individuals and employees a mental infrastructure to become more self-reliant and emotionally cognizant of deep learning and achieving goals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ryan. B
Useful expert advice!

A fun and practical course. I feel more confidently in manage time for my work and starting my personal business!

C.H Low
Highly educational!

I signed up the course with the intention to help my child with his O Level exam preparation and got more than I expected. The concepts are relevant to my work too! Time management is a valuable skill that we often took for granted.