Belt Terminology

Different Parts Of a Belt

Although a belt is a seemingly simple accessory, its construction involves variations in materials and finishing that render each belt unique. By the end of this style guide, we aim for you to feel confident in selecting the perfect belt style for your wardrobe.

Before diving into the style considerations, let's ensure we're on the same page with the right terminologies. Familiarizing yourself with these terms will greatly facilitate your belt shopping experience, particularly if you're exploring options online.

Every belt comprises two essential components: the buckle and the strap. Dress belts often feature a keeper loop, and some styles include a metal end tip. Once the belt is fastened, the keeper loop prevents the free end from flapping around, while the end tip safeguards against damage and fraying, making buckling easier.

While most belts have the strap and buckle permanently sewn together, rendering them unresizable, at 72 Smalldive, some of our belt straps remain detachable. This design allows users to resize their belts if needed. For step-by-step instructions on resizing a 72 Smalldive belt, please refer to our belt resizing guide.

Now equipped with a solid understanding of belt terminologies, let's delve into when and why wearing a belt becomes a necessary style choice!

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