FARE: Join Our Fellowship to Preserve Legacies!


fare /fɛː/ verb 
perform in a specified way in a particular situation or over a particular period. The verb fare in Italian also means “to make”


Enjoy All Products At Wholesale Prices Between May-July 2020

Many of us are feeling COVID-19's impact on the economy and are probably pulling back on discretionary spending.

FARE is not another discount campaign to sell more. It is our mission to navigate this tide in solidarity with our dedicated artisans, suppliers, and charity organizations that we support.

At 72 Smalldive, we have always aspired to be a tree that stays rooted with independently-owned businesses, nurtures the dedicated and passionate, and offer fruits to communities.

We feel a duty to continue to bring work for our artisans and to share our proceeds with the charity organizations that we have committed to support.

For the next 3 months, between May and July 2020, you may purchase our products at trade prices*. With our FARE initiative, gift cards will now be lighter on your pocket, at 25% less the face value

We invite you to join this fellowship to protect livelihoods, preserve legacies, and ensure our post-COVID-19 retail landscape is a pluralistic one where human values are respected.

* At-cost prices of items will be applied at checkout Taxes and shipping charges will apply for international ( non-Singapore) purchases

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